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Fits many applications.

What it can do.

Our datalogger systems are delivered "Turn key": Custom fit cables and calibrated sensors.
All you need to do yourself is a to connect the power cable!

All prices in Euro
Excl VAT, installation and shipping cost.



16 channel supercharged V12 setup

Total price : 2350,-

16 channel supercharged V8 setup

Total price : 2450,-

16 channel Pro Stock / Super Stock / hot Stock

Total price : 1950,-

24 channel multi engine example

Total price : 3400,-

8 channel "Beginners setup"

Total price: 750,-


Complete datalogger system.
Operating console
Temperature sensor
(open and closed tip)
RPM sensor
Pressure sensor



Design your own datalogger from this list

Start with an empty datalogger unit and add the channels + sensors you like to have.

type price
Datalogger unit + software + manuals + cables: 299
Pressure channel + sensor 6, 10, 25 bar or more 205
Temperature channel + sensor with open or closed tip 110
Proximity sensor for rpm channel 55
Clutch split box 120
Custom channels Ask !!
Dashboard on windows tablet 7"or 10" 399
Replacement sensors  
pressure sensor 6, 10, 25 bar or more 160
temperature sensor with open or closed tip 50
rpm sensor 55

You can start small and expand with more channels later on (max 24)

Ask for special offers!!

all prices in Euro, excluding VAT, shipping and installation.




Some of our customers.

Pulling teams


Bad Boy's Toy

De Jong Special

Rhino Rocket

Team Trouble

Rocket Science

Little Rascal

Il Tempo Gigante

Orange factory



Red Dragon

Crazy Rascal

De zwaan

White Horse

Dries van den Dragt


Tonninger mini and garden puller

Red madness

Final destination

Blue Hornet - Mike Külling

Mike Ritter

Desperate Dan

Van Dijk McCormick

Team Whittingham

Robin Verbocht
Box movement control:  

No Mercy mini sled
Iron Maniac mini sled Swedish mini sled

Lab system:



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